On Wonder

Brand Therapy for beautiful ideas and their people


Visioning, Creative Strategy + Brand Development


You have magic inside of you.

Let's bring it into the world.


Hi, I'm Ange.

I describe my work as brand therapy. 

Helping people and businesses get very clear on who they are and what they want to create, using a combination of psychology, strategy and intuition. Then we figure out how to share it with the world in a way that captures all of that magic.

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I'm here to help you get underneath the mess of ideas and everything you think you should be doing, into the heart of what you're really about. From there you can start sharing your work in a way that people can actually feel

It's a balance of intuition and strategy, head and heart.

This is brand therapy.


Everything comes back to two questions: 

Who are you? 

do you want to create?

We dive deep into those questions to uncover a vision that can lead the way to something bigger than you could have imagined. It's strategy meets intuition, with more than a little bit of magic.

For real.




"Before working with Ange, I had no idea that my business could have a soul. I feel so much more confident and in control of my own destiny." 

- Tory Woollcott, Owner and creator of The Tessera Oracle



My job is to help you connect with your deepest vision.

To ask the questions that bring you back to your intuition and the truth of what you really want to create, whenever your mind starts to whir into a mess of what-ifs.


"Okay, look. Working with Ange will change your life.

She's a master of helping you find your path, because she believes so much in the process of walking that path and paying attention to what you pay attention to. What you're good at. What you're great at. And what you're magnificent at.

And what we need to come into our greatest selves are people around us who see the magic we already hold deep inside us. And help us find it, see it, and believe in it."


- Arina KharlamovA, Founder & Mama Goose At Wild Geese Creative


It's time to bring your ideas into the world in all of their gorgeous fullness.