Be who you really (really) are and do what you really (really) want to do.

That’s your brand.



I’m Ange. I think a lot about what it means to do creative work and live a creative life. I spend my time exploring the intersection of work and life, strategy and intuition, head and heart.

I describe my work as brand therapy, because I think that therapy is about figuring out who you really are and how you want to show up in the world, and I help people do that, but with their creative work and ideas.

The official bio: Ange Friesen is a writer, designer and creative strategist who describes her work as brand therapy, helping people and brands figure out who they are and how to share their ideas with the world.

Ange started her career at Joseph Mimran and Associates, a premier brand and design consulting firm led by the designer behind Club Monaco and Joe Fresh. Since starting her own consultancy in 2016, Ange has worked with diverse clients - from startups to fortune tellers to global brands - helping them clarify their personal and business visions, create and refine products and brands, and bring their ideas into the world.

Ange lives in Toronto and works with clients everywhere. Find her on instagram at @onwonder

What I really do: See your magic so you can see (and own) it, too. Show you how to capture that magic and share it with the world. Write and speak about creative work and life. Try to figure out how people (including me) can become their truest selves. Co-host an almost-here podcast on inspiration and everything that comes next.