On Wonder

Don’t quit
your daydream.


Creative Strategy for beautiful ideas and their people


This is about how to make being creative your full time* thing.


*Even though I really only really believe in four-day work weeks, Tbh.

And when I say “being creative” I mean actually creating. Not just being “a creative” —which is great in its own right, but can also mean a lot of shaping your work to meet other people’s visions.

And I also don’t mean a life of constant quirkiness for its own sake — instagramming everything in sight, with zero room for a couple of days spent binge-watching Instant Hotel (or whatever not-at-all guilty “guilty pleasure” you’re into). Sometimes being creative means making time for inspiration in the most unlikely of places. Or just decompressing. Both are great.

What I do mean when I say being creative: connecting with your vision — for work and life — and letting that guide what you do and how you do it. I mean making time for inspiration, as opposed to spending every minute in problem solving mode (as much as I adore problem solving mode). I mean letting your ideas show you what they want to become, and then making them happen, one tiny step at a time.

I believe that what the world needs most are more people stepping outside of what’s “expected” and doing the things that are in their hearts.

And I think that doing so is the opposite of selfish. Because I believe that ideas are things — energies, or something like that — that come to us seeking a way into being. Because they’re needed. And it’s our job to bring them into the world as fully and beautifully as possible.

I don’t claim to know why (I don’t even try to answer that question), but I believe that all of these ideas — from tiny paintings to period-proof underwear — are working together to change the world. To make it better. And right now we need that.