Markham Reads

#MarkhamReads is a project that includes three of my favourite things, all in one place: community, books, and creativity.

Every year, Markham Public Library brings the community together in celebration of reading and ideas with #MarkhamReads. (Well, they do that pretty much every day, but without as much fanfare.) A group of readers selects a book they think everyone in Markham should read, which leads to a month of reading, followed by a month of activities and events. 

In 2016, the book was David Usher's Let the Elephants Run, an exploration of creativity that encourages everyone to re-engage with the creative process. 

Inspired by the book, we wanted to give people tangible opportunities to use their own creativity, so we developed a series of marketing materials that let people pick up a pen (or maybe a paintbrush) and get their ideas onto the page. 

The Creative Force Workbook highlighted the book's many creative exercises (with some extra Markham flair), and our "Your Idea Here" postcard was available across the city.

The best thing about this project was seeing what people came up with after we sent it out into the world. Every time someone wanted to show me their workbook, I was giddy.

The. Best. 

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