A few of my favourite projects


“Hire Ange immediately.”

Even if you *think* you know about branding and stuff, sometimes you just need someone to help pull the information out of the deep dark caves of your brain. Like a therapist. And that's what Ange is - a brand therapist.

I was a corporate marketing manager with 13+ years of experience branding for other businesses. But I couldn't for the life of me figure out my own ideal client and what direction I wanted my business to take.

I left our session with all the clarity and direction I was not only hoping for but needed. I can see my ideal client so clearly in my head, it's like we're BFFs and have worked together for 15+ years. I’m more confident in my marketing, in my direction. I haven't been this excited since season 2 of Stranger Things turned out to be better than season 1.

Karine2 copy copy.png

- Karine Bengualid, Copywriter at Brought to You by the Letter K